Friday, January 06, 2006

The Magical Effect My Music has

Odd. it seems that my crappy bass playing must act as some kind of aphrodisiac for my neighbor downstairs (who I vaguely suspect is some kind of crank head whore). It's a weekday afternoon so I figured it was okay to plug in and make some noise now, and when I finished I heard her once again doing her moan show. Seems she and her dude are either on vacation this week or just unemployed. I suspect he might be the unemployed one since he seems to be around here most of the time these past few weeks, certainly more than she is. Anyway, since I have been known to pound on the floor when she's doing her cat in heat thing, maybe she's performing for my benefit. I don't know and I don't really care except that I'm kind of glad she's getting it out her system for the week now, when my girl isn't around to be subjected to it.


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momof2 said...

Ewww! Maybe they started when they heard your bass, thinking you wouldn't hear them over the sound of your music. Heh.
Regardless, yuck. I've got one of those next door and it makes me wanna gauge my eyes out when I hear it. Urgh.