Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Free At Last (sort of. With apologies to MLK for stealing the line.)

Although it wasn't written in liquified gold in Sanskrit after all, I am still very pleased to report that I have finally, finally, FINALLY received a copy of the divorce order from the court. And it only took 2.5 years from the time I left him to get it all done. Actually, it's not all done because now there is a 10 day window to appeal the decision, but I don't anticipate any problems. I didn't get everything I wanted, but that's why you ask for more than you want in this type of situation.


Kinuk said...

Congratulations! I'm never sure if that's the right thing to say about divorce, but I'm pretty sure you've been looking forward to this day for a while.

Will you be celebrating in any way?

Pam said...

Thanks! In this case it is the right thing to say. :)

I haven't planned any special way to celebrate since there is now a 30 day period during which the decision can be appealed. I don't think I will call for an appeal, but I don't know what my ex will do. At least now I know how much longer I have to wait for it to really be over and done with.