Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Squeaky Wheel

got the grease. I guess sometimes whining does pay off.
This blog has been reviewed by Janice at N.H. Blogging. It was probably thanks to my whining in the comments section on Be Less Boring that although my boyfriend's and sister's blogs had been reviewed, mine had not. Now it has.
She likened me to "a lunatic accordion player with an attitude." For some odd reason this pleased me greatly. There's so much going on these days-- new house, divorce decree, reconnecting with old friends-- that I am easily excitable. Polka On Y'all!!!


Janice said...

Whining does pay off when someone is watching. Do you play accordian, Pam? :D


Pam said...

I play piano, guitar and bass, but not accordian... or accordion. Maybe I should ask for one for Christmas!!!