Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh My Neck!

Clean, clean, clean. Tape, tape, tape. Paint, paint, paint. It feels like that is all I do these days, but the reality is that we just got the house 9 days ago and life has gone on in the form of work, holidays to celebrate and other family obligations. My main project this weekend has been to paint my girl's room. I'm trying to make the formerly muddy plum-colored walls white. So far I've put down a coat of primer and a coat of latex over the walls, but they need (hopefully just) one more coat of latex to kill the muddy plum completely.
What really bummed me out was the discovery that painting the ceiling made the room look much brighter. Now that means I'm going to have to paint all the ceilings, which would be bad enough if they were just regular flat ceilings, but these are heavily textured. I did it with a roller, but after googling around I see some people recommend using a sprayer. Does anyone have any advice?

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Kinuk said...

I'd go for the sprayer. Less mess, less hassle and definitely easier on the muscles. But I've painted WAY too many ceilings in the last few months.