Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blowing My Cover

No, I don't consider posting quiz results authentic blogging. That just happened to be a cool quiz.
I'm surprised I've made it two-thirds of the way through the month without blowing my "big secret." I suppose I could go on some more about my anxiety over the holiday season and making sure everyone's schedule allows them to enjoy time together and how I forget to see if I'm enjoying things since I'm so busy worrying about everyone else. But that's boring and would cause me to worry about boring you, the reader.
So instead, I'll blow my secret and let it be known that for the past month my girl and I have spent Monday nights taking belly dance classes in Rollinsford. It's so much fun. And every time I find myself alone in front of a mirror I practice hip circles or figure eights or the chest circles or figure eights. In fact, I was doing just that today at the dressing room in Target. I hope they don't have cameras in there. I've also been known to practice snake arms when taking a walk, when I think no one else is around.

1 comment:

Bob said...

Oh! That was you doing snake arms the other day?!!?!?