Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sick Days

My girl has been sick for nearly a week now. When she got sick she was staying with her father and all I could do was call her for our daily phone calls and get his email updates that all ended with him trying to reassure me that he was taking care of everything and how bad he feels for her and wishes he could trade places with her. (what a pointless sentiment that is. First of all, it's impossible and just sounds like an attempt to appear valiant without ever having to prove it. And second, if he were sick he wouldn't be able to look after her.) When I spoke to her she always sounded ok and told me she felt good, but nevertheless the ex tried to tell me she was too sick for the two minute car ride it takes to bring her back to my house from his on the weekend. I told him to get over it and bring her over at the regular time.
She has a sore throat, cough and runs a fever on and off. I took her to the doctor's office yesterday and was told she has a flu that's going around and it's a long slow one that should slowly get better in a few more days. I emailed my ex about that and his response was "good thing it's just a flu and not influenza." (No, English is not his native language, but still... He also asked me if he should call the insurance company if he wants to make an appointment with the doctor.) He probably does the best he can but he does not inspire confidence in me.
I've had to cancel my classes to stay home and look after my girl. I have a volunteer TA for one class, but there isn't really anyone else at school who can fill in for me. There's no system or procedure set up for what happens if I am unable to teach my classes. A year or two ago that would have really bothered me, but now I look at it as flexibility. I also used to worry that my students would be judgmental if I had to miss work because of something like this. Now I realize that a lot of them were raised by single parents (moms, mostly) and can understand where I'm coming from if I have to cancel because my girl is sick. Maybe I used to be one of the more judgemental types before I became a parent and that's where that concern about being judged comes from. I love to teach, but my job as a mother takes precedence over that by far. I like to think that most of the students can respect those priorities.
This is the first time my girl has really been stay-home-from-school sick in three years. She is sweet and cheerful, even with a temperature of over 102 degrees. I hate that she's sick, but, to be honest, I like taking care of her.

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