Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Let The Season Begin!

I can tell by the ever increasing number of daily search hits to this blog for Golicks and Dover Delite that that local ice cream season has begun.
I can also tell because today was my first visit of the season to Golicks, which is now open from 12-9 everyday for your ice cream consuming pleasure. Nothing's stirring at Dover Delite yet, but I did drive by The Wright Place on Stratham a little over a week ago and they were back open for the season already.
All is right with the world when it's ice cream season. As usual, half the patrons I saw there today were senior citizens. I love it when I see old people getting ice cream before (or in place of?) dinner. Everyone looks happy when they're getting ice cream. I got Dole Whip (which actually was pretty tasty) and it still made me happy. My girl got a cup of Milky Way ice cream. That was pretty spectacular. I will spare myself the food guilt over going out for ice cream this season. It's one of the finest pleasures in life.

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Chosen said...

Those old people were on their way home from the "early-bird special" dinner.