Friday, April 14, 2006

Is This Done Yet?

The novelty of being sick (if it ever existed in the first place) has long worn off. I believe I am fulfilling my yearly quota of illness all right now, including a great spectrum of symptoms. Let's see-- this started off over a week ago with nausea, quickly followed up with the full array of nasal symptoms; congestion, sneezing, runny nose, tormented sinuses and a chapped nose and upper lip area from the constant blowing and wiping of said nose. There was a little sore throat thrown in and some coughing and upper chest congestion. Had a good fever going for a while and got to experience the weird rubbery feeling that brings. Let's not forget the headaches and general fatigue that was somehow accompanied by insomnia (because it's so entertaining to lie awake at night thinking about how sick you feel). Now that most of those symptoms seem to be lessening, I am now suddenly beset with about the only thing left I can think of in the realm of yucky but non-fatal/serious illness. Want to guess what it is? Sure you do! You know, that one were you have to sprint to the toilet every five minutes? No, not the urinary tract infection (although it sort of feels like I'm fighting one of those too). The other one.

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