Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Pretty FLY for a big dork

As I was wasting time checking out 43 Things when I was supposed to be prepping for class last week I came across people listing becoming a FLYlady as one of their 43 things. Not knowing what the hell that could possibly mean, I did what every good morning procrastinator does. I googled it. And what I discovered is this. It might seem like kind of a hokey, dorky concept at first, what with the use of ALL CAPS at times and lots of exclamation points!, but I have been subscribed to the mailing list for a week now and I've got to admit that starting each day with a shiny clean sink every morning and spending a few minutes going after my Hot Spots every day has my house looking and feeling a lot more organized and pleasant than before I started to become all FLY.
Neatness and housekeeping have never been my strong points. Ask anyone who has known me for a while and they'll agree. But I have noticed over these past two years that I have become fairly competent at keeping my home from looking like a complete sty. It's much easier to do when you don't have someone around telling you you suck at it so don't bother.

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