Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tom Colleta Plays the Best Theremin Ever

Well, he also is the only person I've ever seen play the theremin, but he still rocked it hard.
You know sometimes when work just seems to be beating down on your head you have to beat back with a little bit of imbibing and some very loud rock music. I had the chance to do that last night at Station 319 in Somersworth. Sis and I went to see our buddies in Hotrod Fury, who delivered a soul satisfying set of surfy rock goodness. They make me wonder why you would ever need more than three people or a singer in a band. They were followed by Jupiter 2, who I have never seen before. They weren't what I expected, but I mean that in a good way. Their website claims they are "punk rock from Uranus". Sounds about right. The band was tight. The guitar was blazing. The frontman (the above mentioned Tom), well... let's say he has a lot of energy.
I really don't go out as much as I might, but that makes it really fun when I do. And they also pour really huge drinks for $4 there at Station 319.
Alright, time to get back to that Property Rights clause I was working on...

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