Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hands On MBA?

I've recently started working with my uncle to learn how to do the books for his store so I will be able take charge of that end of things when he goes down to Florida this winter. The mechanics of the bookkeeping are pretty straightforward and not all that interesting, but working with my uncle is. He shares a lot of his business philosophies and strategies with me. Probably not what they teach in school, but much more practical I bet. He has been in business for over fifty years, so I figure he knows what he's talking about.
I like working with family. My sister works for my father now, too. It's a little funny that it took us this long to finally get around to helping with the family businesses, but I guess at this point we all appreciate what a privilege it is to work with people you know, love and trust.
Anyway, if you're looking for a nice men's suit or some sportswear, come see us.


Bob said...

When I was a teen, and needed a sport jacket or shoes, I headed for Stuart Shaines in the Newington Mall, right next to Montgomery Ward.

Pam said...

Yup. Back in the 80s I think there were about half a dozen stores then all the local banks failed... Now it's just the one in Portsmouth. I worked at the Newington store wrapping gifts one holiday season.
They've upscaled the merchandise in recent years so it's very nice, and a bit pricey, but they do offer great service and quality, with an in-house tailor and everything.