Thursday, November 17, 2005

GAH! aka The Slacker's Guide to Entrepreneurship

Geez, why does everyone have to be busy at work when I'm so excited and have such cool news? I've just been contacted by a big local company that I know does business in Japan and I'm meeting with them tomorrow morning to see if I may be able to provide them with some translation and consulting services. Of course, if I wasn't the lazy ass that I am I would have knocked on their door and let them know about what I do, but I am a lazy ass so they had to find their way to me. Then again, I'm not in any kind of rush and building the business up slowly by word of mouth isn't such a bad idea either.


bruinbutterfly said...

just read your posting for 2003 about sei shonagon. i'm a JET ALT learning the famous poem (haru wa akebono...) for my kurasu no nihongo. i googled searched the seishonagon and your blog popped up. hope all is well in your life,

bruinbutterfly said...

sorry so many spelling mistakes in the other posting.
just read your posting from 2003 about seishonagon. i'm a JET ALT learning his famous poem (haru wa akebono...) for my kuras no nihongo. i google searched seishonagon and your blog popped up. i hope all is well in your life,

god bless

Pam said...

Thanks for the comment. I checke dout your blog. Kochi! My, you are in the sticks, aren't you? I know some people who lived there for a while. What I've heard about it is that they have good food and like to drink.
Japan is definitely an adventure. Learn what you can there and keep moving on.
I love Sei Shonagon. Get a hold of an English translation of The Pillow Book if you can. She's a very pre-computer age blogger!
ps: The Japanes teacher in me can't help but comment. It's "nihongo no kurasu" rather than "kurasu no nihongo".