Friday, November 11, 2005

Eureka! I Have Found It!

We will interrupt this day of extreme slacking for an important service announcement--
Everyone once in a while people googling for "Portugeuse fisherman's sweater" visit this blog because of a post I wrote back in March. Every once in a while I do some searching for it myself since it was the first thing I ever knitted. Well folks, today I found a link to a site that sells that very same Candide Portuguese fisherman's sweater pattern. It looks kind of boxy and slightly dorky now. If I ever made it again I'd definitely make some variation on it, but I always thought the way it laced up at the neck was kind of cool.


momof2 said...

That's a gorgeous sweater! How long would it take you to knit something like that?

Pam said...

In high school it took me a couple of months, I think. It reall was a good sweater for a beginner because it's pretty straightforward and the patterning at the top is all done in knit and purl patterns, nothing too tricky and no colors to change.
Now it would probably take me longer since I always have several projects going on at once and work on whichever one I feel like at the moment.