Sunday, November 23, 2003

A Unique Form of Torture for a Sunday Morning

Looking to add a little pain to your life?
I've got your solution. Try spending a sunny Sunday morning proofreading medical research reports (otolaryngology) written by Japanese doctors. After a couple of years at this I now know far more about olfactomtery (measuring the sense of smell) than any lay person should.
Yes, I realize that it's cool that in my own small way I am making a contribution to the global body of medical knowledge by helping these doctors get their research results published in English language journals. (It also benefits my financial status, which is certainly in sore need of assistance.) Maybe I just hate the fact that I have spent a beautiful weekend morning working because I procrastinated all week. Also, my nose has been out of order for about 5 days due to a cold and I don't feel like thinking about noses right now!! And maybe I just feel like having something to crab about.

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