Saturday, November 01, 2003


I shared a success I had this week at the Weight Watchers meeting this morning. (By the way, Weight Watchers is awesome, in case you're wondering.) Yesterday afternoon I made cupcakes for my niece's Halloween party. Anyone who bakes or has a baker in the house knows that licking the bowl and the mixing utensils after you're done is part of the fun of it all. But even just a few good swipes and you've got a couple of teaspoons of the stuff down your gullet. You could eat most of a cupcake's worth of batter and pretend you never did it. It's mindless eating.
Anyway, I shared that after I made the cupcakes I threw all the utensils into a bowl of water in the sink as soon as I was done using them and I did the same with the bowl when I was through with that. Everyone ooh-ed in empathy and clapped. I also lost 1.4 pounds last week, which makes almost 5 lbs in 2 weeks.
When I went to WW as a kid with my dad those meetings made me cringe sometimes. How could you sit there and talk about your weight in front of other people and not want to die of embarassment! Now I think it's awesome. There really is something satisfying and rewarding in having other people acknowledge your accomplishment. Even if it is just for throwing a chocolately spoon in the sink instead of licking it.

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