Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Hats R Me

Currently on a severe knitting jag. Just finished knitting my very own Marsan Watchcap. It only took a couple of days and I have already started making another one for Rachel.
Last week I made a crappy prototype for the hat with some black yarn I had hanging around. The first of anything I make is usually pretty rough, so I didn't worry too much about mistakes. I just wanted to make sure I liked the shape and fit of it before I went all out.
I went to Spinning Yarns in downtown Dover to get the yarn. It's a really nice shop with a great selection of merchandise and a mellow and open atmosphere. Before I even started looking for what I was going to buy I checked out every type of yarn they had, because there was so much variety and it was all so nice.
For hat #1 I settled on a skein of navy blue 100% worsted wool. It came out nice and I think I will proceed with my plan of hand knitting caps to give as holiday season presents.
I've got to admit. A lot of my knitting motivation comes from this guy right now.

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