Friday, November 28, 2003

Bye Bye

I guess there's only a couple days of existence left for our Bolt page on The parent company was bought out by some other big company (Vivendi and CNET, if you really want me to name names. It's all just corporate crap to me.) and I have heard that all the data now on will be deleted when the changeover takes place December 1.
I suppose I could spend part of this weekend putting together a new site for us, but I'm working at Atomic all weekend long and I still have plenty of work to do for the last two weeks of the semester. I'm bummed that I will not be getting any pay checks from mid-December to late January. I should have been out looking for a seasonal job this past week, but I knew I was needed to cover hours at Stef's store. I work there for store credit, basically hair services.
I can feel seasonal grumpiness (where's the sun dammit?!) coming over me. I should be writing more songs. I can feel them stewing around in me. I shared a couple with Stef and she said she wants to use them. We need to write more anyway. We also still need a drummer and a new website.

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