Saturday, November 08, 2003

Ch ch ch ch changes

Today is a full moon, a lunar eclipse and the day of Harmonic Concordance. Big changes are afoot all around.
I spent the afternoon at the funeral of a friend. He was one of the truly sweetest people I have ever known. I'd never been in an Episcopalian church before. It was interesting. I haven't been to a funeral since my sister Kate died almost ten years ago.
Most religions I've ever heard of or read about have some kind of heaven. I like to think that since it's such a universal concept among religions there's got to be some truth in it.
There's heaven in Buddhism too. I don't know if people know that or just think it's about going around in circles. Pureland Buddhism is actually kind of like Christianity. It's not about acheiving enlightenment through individual effort, but a belief that belief in a higher power and repetition of prayers will gain you entrance to the Western Paradise when you pass on. I suppose a lot of the details are different, but I see a definite similarity in form.

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