Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Where's a Good Heavy Bag When You Need One?

Because if I had a good heavy bag down in the basement I'd be down there beating the shit out of it right now over the dumbass shit I am suffering through with UNH.
After not receiving a pay check last Friday, I inquired about exactly when I would be getting paid when I went in to school on Monday. I called the Payroll department and found out I hadn't gotten paid because I'm not on the payroll yet. So I brought in the necessary documents on Tuesday to get all the necessary documents on file.
Went in to school this morning and was told I could pick up my money at Human Resources, which is like 3 miles away from the rest of the campus out by the cow barns. (Ayup. We're talking New Hampshire here, after all.) Went to Human Resources and was told I needed to go to Payroll, which was thankfully just across the parking lot. They checked for me at Payroll and told me they still don't have any records for me. Contacted my department office and was told, "Oh. They told me it would take another day or two to get you on the payroll. Didn't have time to let you know."
How about I just don't show up for class until they start paying me.

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