Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Book Worm

In what is probably another testament to my geekiness, or maybe I need to say dorkiness since geek now has all those computer/IT connotations, one of the things I am happiest about living back here is being able to go to the library. I rarely go in there knowing what I'm looking for and even when I do have a little wish list the books are hardly ever available. That's got to be why I actually felt a little upswelling of joy yesterday to find TC Boyle's latest book on the shelf among the new releases. There are a handful of writers who are my favorites; TC Boyle, William Gibson, Tom Robbins, Russell Banks. When there's nothing new or as yet undiscovered by me of their works available, I usually end up picking stuff at random. Yesterday I ventured up the little spiral staircase in the Dover Public Library and among the music books found Marianne Faithfull's autobiography. That should be a good read.
I suppose I should read more Vonnegut since he's kind of the godfather of all the other writers I like. Anyone got any good suggestions for other odd writers?

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