Saturday, June 26, 2004

Kombat Baby?

Went out to the Muddy River in Portsmouth last night to see The Pubcrawlers, Commando Baby and Shuttlecock. It was the first time I'd seen The Pubcrawlers, a New England Celtic Punk band. and I really liked their set. And I have to say their vocalist, Kevin, looks mighty fine in a kilt and a pair of docks. Commando Baby sounded good, even though I was afraid the bass player was going to pass out on stage. Still they rock, no bones about it. Last up was my favorite local band, Shuttlecock, who are now back to being a three piece. I liked them as a four piece too, but they can certainly hold their own just the three of them. They played a couple of new songs and their website says they'll be working on their second cd soon. I never managed to get a copy of their first.
I like going out in Portsmouth every once in a while. The last time I went out there was back in October for our last gig as Bolt. Finding parking is a pain and the streets are full of yuppies (is that still a viable word?), but it's still my town.

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