Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Consider Yourselves Warned

There's not much I could say on here that would make anyone feel too hot right now. And is that my fucking problem?
No, it isn't.
It's funny when the shit comes down and you see who would hold you back and who wouldn't. It doesn't always play out the way you thought it would. Some of the people you'd like to think would want to see you be free don't really like it when you start to go in that direction. And it's an odd feeling to know that people are talking behind your back about things they really don't know about. Basically the only thing to do is say, "Fuck 'em", and go ahead and live your life.
Hmm, just realized there's a full moon coming up in a few days. No wonder I'm so fired up. I feel like I used to feel when it was time for sparring. I'm kind of aching to let it fly on someone. I guess you should all consider yourselves warned.

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