Monday, June 21, 2004

Farm Living Is The Life For Me

I live in a barn. Really. My apartment is on the second floor of a horse barn. A stallion lives downstairs and sometimes he kicks his stall at night. Sometimes all the horses are brought in for the night, but since it's summer now they stay out in the paddock and have a shed they can go in to.
It's usually pretty quiet here and I am generally the noisiest entity around, but right now they are loading hay up into the hay loft that's on the other side of the living room wall and it's making a racket. It's not so much the rattling of the conveyer belt they're using to load the hay as the banging that vibrates through the floor and the loud voices of the folks doing the loading. My daughter is so wiped out from our afternoon at the pool that she's sleeping on the couch through the whole commotion. Good thing, too, because one of the women loading the hay cusses like a sailor.

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