Sunday, December 14, 2003

When it's 10 degrees outside, eBay is Where It's At

These days I'm way too into eBay. My current targets are cross country skis and sewing machines. The skis are because we can go right out our door and ski for as far as we wish or can manage . Seems like a lot of people buy gear, use it once or twice and that's it. I've never done a lot of cross country skiing, but what I have done has been pretty enjoyable. It's kind of like cycling in the pace and the view. Hunting season ends tomorrow and I guess it's officially safe to go back out into the fields without decking out in orange. Hunters do come around here but not that many and they seem very cool about it. It's kind of weird to see them in a basically residential area, but we are right on the edge of some great reserve land. I have a pretty good idea of the topography around here now and I'll be able to check out the places that are too wet to be reasonably accessible when they're not frozen. There are fingers of land separated by streams leading down to the Bellamy River. I want to get out into the fields and then down to the circular trail along the river and eventually all the way down to the Audobon land at Durham Point. That's the plan. Now the skis are on the way. And the snow is too.

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