Tuesday, December 02, 2003

And So It Begins

Woke up to the first real snowfall of the season this morning. It was still dark and suspiciously blue outside when I opened my eyes this morning, so I thought I might see snow when I looked out the window. Even still, I had to say "woah!" when I actually saw everything decked out in white. My husband and daughter had the same reaction. And it was the dog's first snow ever. He seemed perplexed, cold and happy about it.
I thought it would probably melt away by noon, but I guess I was underestimating what winter really means around here. It wasn't gone by noon and the temperature never got much above the low 20s, so there's still plenty of white on the ground. And while it could theoretically melt away within the next couple of days, it could also be the last time we see the bare surface of the ground until spring.

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