Sunday, October 26, 2003

Girls Night Out

Went to Shooters Pub in Exeter last night to catch MondayMen opening for Heavens to Murgatroid. Shawn and Adam, who we met at our gig at the Muddy River the other week, make up two thirds of MondayMen. We also caught a few songs by the first band that played, Heroes Die aka The Roadies. Apparently the names are anagrams. (play around with the letters and you'll see what I mean) It was a night of high energy rock and it was totally worth the drive to Exeter.
Out of the three bands I think I'd have to say I enjoyed MondayMen the most (not just because we're planning on jamming with Adam and Shawn either). They were tight they rocked and had a sort of 80s new wave flavor with good hooks and the right amount of punchy-ness. They were also sporting a Devo/Convict look since it was a Halloween event. It seems like our musical styles would make a great blend and we're planning on getting together next weekend to initiate the experiment!
It was my first time at Shooters, my first time seeing any of those bands and the first time I ever saw SpongeBob wail on a Stratocaster. (Sponge Bob being Tim Theriault on guitar for Heavens to Murgatroid in a big Sponge Bob costume with bare legs, Sponge Bob boxers and Sponge Bob looking shoes!!!)

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