Thursday, October 16, 2003

A Bolt From The Blue

Our gig at the Muddy River went pretty well last night. There wasn't much of a turnout what with Game 6 of the playoffs and the windy, crappy weather on a Wednesday night, but our Dad and Step Mom came by to see us play for the first time ever, so that was very cool. Everyone at the Muddy River was great, very hospitable and welcoming. (And they fed us too. Gotta love that.) We also received a cd and video of our performance, which I guess is a nice way to end it with Chip, our now former drummer. A couple of days ago at practice things kind of came to a head and Chip decided this would be his last gig with us. It's been a really strange couple of days leading up to the gig. It's sad. We've been playing together for a long time but I guess he doesn't want to push ahead with it as much as Stef and I do. We're all still friends and there's no animosity involved, just sadness and a feeling of loss. Stef and I will keep on together and see what happens next.

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