Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Durham Post Office

Now that I've finally figured out where the Durham post office is I've been doing more of the auction mailings from there. It's right on my way home from school. Durham by no means provides the level of human entertainment value that the Dover PO does, but it does have a very interesting mural around the perimeter of the lobby. A plaque states it was a gift from the Durham Women's Club and Friends in 1959. The mural is a series of paintings with slogans on the bottom that I guess are supposed to exemplify the good character of the citizens of the area. It is definitely a product of the pre-PC era.One of the scenes shows a lone garrison-style house in the background and a loin-clothed native with a feather in his hair bearing a flaming torch and obviously casing the joint. On the bottom it says Cruel Adversity. Another one shows a winter morning scene and a couple dressed in their Sunday best (black suit and stovepipe hat for him, and a hoop skirt and bonnet for her) approaching a white steepled church. On the bottom it says Steadfast Faith. I imagined a cartoon dialogue bubble coming out of the guy's mouth saying "It's frikkin cold!"
I'll have to go back and take photos sometime (and leave my Sharpie marker at home). It's pretty frikkin cool.

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