Thursday, February 02, 2006

Told You She's Special

I always knew my girl is special. I took her to get an eye exam this week since she brought home a note from school saying she needed to get one. Not only did she get her first pair of glasses (which look adorable), we also found out she is colorblind (well, "color deficient" is the new proper term, apparently). Her father is colorblind and so is my father. I guess she ended up with that rare genetic combination and is one of the fewer than 1% of females with colorblindness. She wasn't particularly aspiring to be a fighter pilot, electrician or hunter anyway.

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Daniel said...

Hi Pam

A recent research from english scientist shows that hunter would be a perfect choose for your daughter as a profession. Colorblind people can distinguish khaki colors much better and are not distracted from camouflage. - A special job for a special girl.

Cheers, Daniel