Friday, February 24, 2006

Is It Soup Yet?

I am now 4/10 of the way through my paralegal certificate program. w00t!!1
This just-ending term and the next eight week term will be the worst of it for me. "The worst" being defined as having to teach my classes, study the pl stuff and do the bookkeeping at my uncle's simultaneously. The bookkeeping gig should end in April when my uncle returns from Florida. The classes I teach will end in May. The paralegal program goes until August, I think. Somewhere along the line I need to shave something off so I have time to devote to my own translating and consulting business. I barely even bother looking for clients now because I don't feel like I'd have enough time to devote to getting their work done if they had any to give me. I knew this year was going to be like this. And it is like this. I'm maintaining. Even though I want everything to change and happen RIGHT NOW.

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