Friday, December 23, 2005

C is for Cookie...

I think I've finally recovered from the cooking baking shindig I threw at my house last weekend. I thought a cookie party would be something the kids would enjoy and since I have somewhat of a reputation of being the baker in the family, it seemed easy enough. The easy enough assessment of things was a bit off, but it was fun. I went nuts cleaning and straightening up the house, made sure there were other savory items on the menu so we wouldn't all die or end up strangling each other due to over consumption of sugar. The night before I started making the dough for sugar cookies to be used in a cookie press, butter cookies to bbe cut out with cookie cutters, maple walnut spice cookies for that holiday spice and then had four egg whites left over from one of the cookie recipes so I baked up a batch of meringue cookies too to keep from tossing out the egg whites. Sure, I coudl have saved the whites to make an egg white omelet, but with all those cookies waiting to be eaten, what good would an egg white omelet do me anyway? We had chips. We had dips. We had salsa. We had mini-Moes. We had veggie sticks. We had a whole lot of food up on offer.
Even with all the advance prep, the cookie making took more time that I had imagined. The cookie press thing just didn't seem to work out. The cut out cookies came out fine and we set up the kitchen table as decoration central and everyone got to show off their creative talent with four colors of frosting (yes, of course homemade), sprinkles, colored sugars, little sugar stars and even those metallic sugar balls. My brother in law managed to score those at a wedding cake store and came back to tell us the story that the reason you can't find them in the supermarket anymore is that the government no longer recognizes them as a food substance, so you have to buy them at specialty shops now. Of course, they made their way into just about every single decorated cookie made that day. Gotta have a little non-food substance with your holiday cookies.
Despite the fact that my diet for the past week has consisted mainly of cookies, with a few small meals thrown in occasionally just to keep my from passing out from the sugar crashes, there are still some cookies left here. Eventually I will go back to eating like a sensible, adult person, but not until after Christmas has come and gone.

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