Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rainy Weekend

This weekend has been okay. I guess the best part of it is that I don't have to teach tomorrow since it's Columbus Day, which is one of those politically incorrect holidays I would have expected the university to ignore or something. It's been a pretty okay weekend. I had plenty of time to relax and knit (and frog and knit again) and even played bass and jammed with my sister and brother in law. I guess I should be feeling pretty good, but I'm still worrying about the same old crap I always worry about and that includes my friggin neighbor. See, the thing is that her bedroom is directly under my daughter's room and although she has both her daughter and her boyfriend's kids staying there sometimes, the nights the kids aren't staying there and she has noisy sex with her boyfriend is always a night my girl is with me and it always happens right around the time I'm putting my girl to bed. That's not something she needs or wants to be hearing and it makes me feel crappy about living here even though it's a nice enough place and I pay plenty in rent. So tonight, while my daughter was in the bathroom brushing her teeth and I was in her room petting the dog and listening to the neighbor and her moaning, I didn't know what else to do but bang on the floor a few times to see if that would get the point across. It seemed to work. I've got nothing against the neighbor having sex but I don't think my kid should have to listen to it. Funny thing is when there were two young guys in their twenties living down there, both with girlfriends who stayed over regularly, I never had this problem. They'd stay up late drinking and playing loud video games on the weekends once in a while, but at least it didn't sound like the chick from that Duran Duran song down there.


Anonymous said...

I feel for your plight and it sounds like you were as patient as the (multi-faceted) situation warrants.

I have to tell you, though, I nearly spit out my coffee at the Duran Duran reference.


dangergirlnh said...

Wow...lets write a song about it!!

Dr. Murklethorpe said...

Good heavens, which Duran Duran song was that? "Come Un-done" came first to mind, but "Hungry Like the Wolf" seems more likely as far as intimate cries go. But fascinating that my humble shared web-log should be found by a fellow northern New Englander, and one with extensive experience with mush-rooms, at that. On that note, I believe my long-haired friends also referred to the fungus as "waraii-take," which I am given to believe means "laughing mush-room." Does this per-haps ring a bell in your well-schooled ears?

Pam said...

"Hungry Like The Wolf" was the one I was thinking of.
"Warai-take" would mean laughing mushroom all right. They didn't even become illegal in Japan until sometime in the 1990s. From what I heard, there were guys set up at little tables selling them on the street in parts of Tokyo. My exploratory mushroom phase pretty much ended when I left Colorado for Japan. Since then, it's been all just for cooking purposes.
I read that crazy shared blog of yours from time to time. Think we're even in the same town, actually.