Tuesday, October 25, 2005


This morning when I dropped my girl off at her middle school I noticed again that none of the kids wear raincoats. Not even when we're in the middle of a Nor'easter like today. They wear sweatshirts and some of them pull the hood over their heads, but that's about it. I saw two girls with umbrellas, but they were walking into school with their mom who works there and was also carrying an umbrella.
When I got to campus I saw lots of rain gear and umbrellas, but I get here around 7:30 which means most of the people I saw were other adults who work here. Us grownups use rain gear, I guess. I reached the door of my building at the same time a student did. She had a raincoat on and was carrying an umbrella. The umbrella was folded up at her side and the hood was down. She had the rain gear but she was still walking through the rain letting her head get wet. What is it with that?


Bob said...

Rain gear just isn't cool! ;)

momof2 said...

Yep! What Bob said.
I remember walking to the bus stop, our mother spying on us through windows until we were out of sight. Then our hats came off. :)

Webmiztris said...

i'm as bad as a kid...I don't use an umbrella and don't even own rain boots or a rain coat. it's all about image I guess...lol

Pam said...

I have an umbrella, but I guess I could fess up that my raincoat is a hand me down from my boyfriend.