Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fall Back

Today is the first morning after the end of daylight savings time. It was weird to wake up at 6:30, which my body still thinks is 7:30, and see the sun up and shining. The dog, who I put to bed at 8:30 last night, was still sound asleep. So much though that I wondered if something was wrong with him and went in and bugged and babytalked him enough to wake him up. He's back curled up napping now. I guess that's what happens to dogs as they get older and winter creeps up. They sleep. A lot. Lucky dog.
So there I was, up at 6:30 on Sunday morning. I made a pot of coffee and sat down at the computer to log into my online class to make my kind of late-ish contribution to this week's discussion only to find out the assignment closed on the 29th. Oh, that was yesterday. Guess the whole thing ended yesterday. Oh well. That was the only time I missed contributing so I think it will be okay.
Taking an online class has been a weird experience. I like the convenience of it but it seems so part time. Which is a dumb thing to say because it is part time. Maybe what feels odd is being a part time student. Any other time I've been in school, school has been my life. One of these days I'm going to adjust and not be obsessive about everything, I hope.


Bob said...

I took an online class and didn't really enjoy the experience. I missed the classroom discussion and disliked the fact that my whole worth was determined by what I wrote each week for class. The group projects were a pain in the butt too.

Pam said...

I can't imagine doing a group project in an online class. I don't even like doing them in a regular class.
My main beef with online education so far is that the guys teaching the classes aren't teachers by profession, but lawyers who teach as well. They don't implement all the academic organizational features I expect in a class, like a clearly dated syllabus calendar for the course, a list of requried books with complete bibliographic information so we can order from someplace other than the school's online bookstore, clear grading policies or detailed instructor feedback on the assignments. I am learning, but the level of discourse in the discussions is not all that sophisticated so it's kind of disappointing when the instructor doesn't steer it in a new direction. I have to refrain from commenting like a teacher sometimes. (and sometimes I just go ahead and make my teacher-like comments anyway when it seems like people are way off topic.)
The last time I was a student I was busting my ass for 5 or 6 hours everynight over classical Japanese, so anything less taxing than that feel like slacking.

Bob said...

Yeah, oddly enough, the only way to get the EXACT book that you needed for this class was to order it through the school. I tried it, thought it might work for me, and realized that it is back to CLL or Granite State College for me.