Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Change of Seasons

A couple of weeks ago it was in the 80s and didn't really feel like fall all that much. This week it has been rain, rain, rain, damp and chill. In a weird way, I kind of like it. I crocheted a pink and white beanie cap with a lovely pink and white flower for my girl the other night. I also taught her (once again) how to crochet and this time she seems to be taking to it. She wants to make a blanket for the dog. Sounds like a good first project to me.
I've also continued working on the sweater I'm knitting out of merino wool and have re-started (for the third time) a shawl I'm knitting from a lovely alpaca wool I've had sitting in my stash for the past two years.
When I'm not playing with yarn, I seem to be baking. Yesterday I got home from teaching with an hour and a half free before I had to pick up the girl from school. There was a half peck bag of cortland apples on the counter, so I looked through my baking books and decided on the Crumbly Apple Square recipe from The Clueless Baker. Very crumbly and very yummy. I'd like to see if I can come up with something that travels a little better next though.

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