Sunday, June 05, 2005

When Worlds Collide

My boyfriend has been helping my sister and her family come into the 21st century with their computing set up, since that's something he knows a lot about and they don't. He's been over there even when I'm not, which feels a little funny but also good since I think it means everyone is finally comfortable with each other and the situation. A year ago I wanted so bad for them to accept him and us and no one was ready yet. Now it's not a problem.
I think he's going over again this afternoon to help my brother in law figure out a few things about the computer and burning cds. He might be there right now. My sister emailed me and said my ex was over helping brother in law with a leaky faucet.
I'm sitting here wondering if universes will collide and if they do, what it will be like.

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