Thursday, June 23, 2005

Awesome Day

I'm proclaiming it an awesome day even though we're barely into the afternoon here. I woke up next to my honey, which is always a great way to start. He had to get up and head off to work. I decided to indulge myself in the summery, freelance wonder of my ways and sleep in until I woke up a little after 8. I made coffee, had some cereal with blueberries and did not shower or change out of my bathrobe because one of the best things about working from home is you can work in your bathrobe and so I did for a few hours.
The weather is sunny and pleasantly warm so around 11:15 I decided to take a bike ride and finally explore where the dirt road down at the bottom of the hills leads. Well, it leads to some lake sized puddles and the muddy in some spots, rocky in other ruttiness of it certainly justifies a mountain bike (or a horse I suppose since there was certainly some evidence that some of them had passed through). The road came out to a kind of nice and rural looking trailer park and then up along the big horse farm down the road from here into a perfect loop that leads right back home.
I took a shower and then modified some leftovers for lunch. Now I'm sitting back down to do a little more translating for a couple of hours before I go out and finish up my marketing rep gig for the last time. I really really do love summer. And now that the rest of my life has taken a shape that pleases me, I might enjoy freelancing enough to eventually lose the academic career, if that's what you want to call it, all together.

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