Friday, June 17, 2005


Yesterday I climbed my first 4,000 foot mountain and today my girl "graduated" from elementary school. Well, it was a ceremony to celebrate the end of fourth grade and elementary school. To be honest, I hadn't even known it was a graduation type ceremony until she continuously referred to it as her graduation. All the info that came home from school called it a fourth grade celebration. In true kid fashion, she called me up the night before and morning of the ceremony to let me know she forgot one then another thing she absolutely needed at my house, so I had to leave Waterville Valley early and make sure she had her Class of 2005 t-shirt and flute before it was time for the ceremony.
It was a very nice ceremony and even though I always tell myself I won't get teary eyed at that kind of thing I always do. Shit, I cried at her pre-school "graduation" and her 3rd grade Thanksgiving play, too. Fifth grade seems way too early for middle school, but that's how it works in this town. I'm sure she'll be fine there. And I'll have to figure out how to be fine with it too.


Beastie said...

It is way too early. We moved about 2 months into the school year up to Rochester. Not to make you even more put off, but the difference between a 5th grader and 8th is too much. I think my son heard more nastiness on the bus and experienced more clique stuff than necessary in that two months. Going to Rochester he got to have another year in grade school, and I think it made a ton of difference.

Pam said...

One good thing is that she has a cousin in 8th grade there and another cousin going into 5th there from a different elementary school, so she'll have some fortification.
I've heard the bus situation is pretty bad. I'm going to drive her since it's on my way to work anyway.