Thursday, January 06, 2005

Talking Trash

My city has an interesting way of dealing with trash. Recyclable items are taken away for free, but the city trucks will only take your non-recyclable trash away if you use the official City of Dover trashbags, which cost a $1.25 each for the large ones. In general, I think it's a pretty fair system.
What I hadn't known, and learned last week in the checkout line at the supermarket, is that these "special" trash bags are made in Canada and over the holidays all the local outlets ran out. The cashier said even the people who worked at city hall couldn't get bags. I'm sensing a local business opportunity. Can't we make anything around here anymore?

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History is Fun said...

I live in Chicago--which also has an interesting way of dealing with recycling and garbage: we have to buy our own "blue bags" from the grocery store and then separate out the recyclables from the trash. But then we toss both recycling bags and trash bags into the same bin. Supposedly someone then separates out the blue bags--but I remain skeptical that that happens!