Monday, January 20, 2003

What is it with young Japanese girls and their fatal fashions?
I few years ago those gigantic platform boots were in style and you'd hear on the news about girls slipping in the snow or ice or down the stairs to the subway and breaking their bones. And stories about girls trying to drive in those things and getting the heels wedged between the pedals and having car accidents.
Now the platform boot craze has passed and I thought that was the end of fatal fashions, but apparently not. Just heard another story on the news about a young woman being strangled to death when the trendy ultra-long scarf that she was wearing got caught in the wheel of her scooter. There was a similar incident late last year when a girl with a long scarf got it caught in the wheels of a go-cart she was driving and strangled to death.
Hey, isn't that what happened to one of those 1950s movie star gals? When you think about it it doesn't really seem very glamorous.

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