Friday, January 17, 2003

I think Kim Jong Il is a crazy person and I don't think North Korea should be allowed to carry on the way it is, but I'm kind of glad that North Korea is demanding attention at just the moment George Bush was getting ready to spew all over Iraq. It looked like there'd be nothing stopping Bush from forcing himself and his projection of some deep seated personal hang up he must have onto the rest of the world. It all sounds so much faker now when he claims that the North Korea situation can be settled by peaceful negotiation but Sadam Hussein must be disarmed by force. And then North Korea keeps on rejecting all the US offers soften the situation.
Let me get this straight. Iraq is bad because we suspect they have weapons (and the will for) of mass destruction, which they deny. They are cooperating with the IAEA inspections. Japanese news media coverage of daily life in Iraq shows people who support their leader and who also love to watch American tv shows. They don't like George Bush (don't blame them), but they like America. So we want to bomb them.
And North Korea, which has kicked out all inspectors and is crowing that it posseses nuclear devices and is working to make more is not bad. The country that says it has nuclear weapons and where preschoolers are taught to attack figures of American soldiers and where people who are not party members are left to starve and die is not the most serious issue. It's not the point.
The point is George was just about to get his rocks off and he got cut off blindsided from the totally opposite direction.
And it's taking him a while to shift focus. He's still waiting to get off but Kim Jong Il totally stole his thunder. He's totally messing with The Plan. I can almost feel grateful, but not quite.

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