Friday, January 24, 2003

I realize I am so 5 years behind the times, but I've been studying Thau's JavaScript Tutorial on Not really sure what learning scripting languages is going to do for me. It's intellectually entertaining and if I keep at it long enough to get good it should be some kind of marketable skill.
Went to the meeting for contact teachers ending their contracts. Found out about how to get a lump sum distribution from the pension fund and other exciting info. Also found some resistance when I asked about the reimbursement for return airfare for me and my family, as stipulated in my contract. The initial response was that I was hired in country so that means they weren't really intending to pay for me to go back to the US. If you get hired in from abroad they'll pay for you to go back and if you get hired in country they won't seems to be the intial answer. That's bullshit though because it states in writing on my contract that they will pay for the return airfare. They can't turn around now and say "oh, that's not what we meant."
Anyway, that was Hashimoto-san's reaction today. He called to the Kinugasa campus to talk to the guy in charge, who of course is out of town until next week. In the meantime I'm going to talk to Aldo, who is a lawyer, and see what he can tell me about it.

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