Saturday, January 18, 2003

My political kick continues.
I just read that the Bureau of Land Management has proposed opening up millions of acres of the Alaskan North Slope for oil exploration and drilling. I've sent email to my state congressman and senator in Washington before about the drilling of pristine Alaskan wilderness via the NRDC BioGems Action Center. It is really push button activism at its finest. It like 2 mouse clicks and you're an activist.
Since the announcement was just made today there is nothing official to send up on the Biogems site yet. So I used their Arctic Refuge letter as a template and rewrote it to apply to today's news. Then I decided to really go all out and find out the email addresses of my senators and representative by myself and not send it through Biogems. Couldn't find a mail address for John Sununu as he just took office as a senator about 10 days ago and his senate website and mail is apparently not available yet.
Wow. I didn't know I was such a geek about all this. It just seems to be springing out of nowhere.

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