Saturday, June 09, 2007


Finally decided on a nice splurge to indulge in with a little of the divorce settlement money. I ordered a Panasonic PV-GS85 digital camcorder and some accessories to go along with it. It's definitely an entry level camcorder, but it's gotten some good reviews and I plan to use it at school as well as to shoot family video. I thought I was very into film-making in college, but a reviewing of those works about a year ago really made it clear that I was actually into partying too much and thinking I was being arty when I was just being drunk and making crap. Oh well. Maybe this time I'll try to film some things that have some sort of narrative involved and not make disjointed "art". (*cough, cough*)
Anyway, I'm having some issues with M&Ms these days. As in, I can't leave the damn things alone. The obvious answer is to not keep them in the house, but since they are already in the house I have to get rid of them by eating them. I've spent the last six month hovering 3-6 pounds above the "goal weight" I set at Weight Watchers. It's better to be about 5 pounds over my goal than 25, which is where I could easily be without the Weight Watchers routine, but I just can't get motivated to buckle down and do it. I've been working out at the gym 3-4 times a week since January. I take a 90 minute belly dance class once a week. I walk the dog once or twice a day on the 3 or 4 days he spends here, so I'm definitely getting more exercise than I did a year ago. I'm fit. I'm healthy. I'm medium sized. So why can't I just say Screw It and accept the five pounds? Good question. I'll have to think about what the answer is.


Bob Brady said...

I sympathize with the M&M thing; they were the monkey on my back for a while, but I broke free of the little multicolored devils, and you can too. Now I'm into big cherry gumdrops, though I'm thinking of maybe moving on to dark-chocolate-covered cranberries, with the occasional Ben & Jerry's production. It's a long, sweet road we gotta travel...

Pam said...

Oh yeah, I recall your battle with the M&Ms. One of my favorite grad school professors also had the habit for a while. He was always packing a bag of peanut M&Ms in his shirt pocket. (I believe it was the year he was up for tenure.) Anyway, the damn things no longer exist in this house and as long as I keep it that way for a while, it's all good.
I'm trying to roll the near-daily sweet treats over into a weekly visit to the local summer ice cream shack. Not sure if I'll try to do anything about the fact that the "kiddie-size" cups I order somehow come out larger than the "smalls" ordered by my cohorts.