Saturday, January 06, 2007

That's Why I Go

Since last May I've been going to Weight Watchers meetings with my dad every Saturday morning. It's our thing. Progress has been slow for me this time around, but there is progress and I feel pretty good about how I handle my eating.
For the past couple of weeks friends of my dad have been at the meetings, either joining or re-joining. After we have been introduced and said our "nice to meet you"s both of them have looked at me and asked, "Do you need to be here?" It's a nice compliment, actually. My answer runs somewhere along the lines of "Yes. I'm very close to where I'm aiming to be", but it should more accurately be "Yes. This is how I stay out of trouble."
One thing I really like about that particular meeting is that there are a number of people near or at goal who continue to attend regularly to keep on track. There are quite a few people who look like they "don't need to be there." Sometimes I feel less accomplished since I only went in with 15 pounds to lose in the first place (this time around. My Weight Watchers experience started when I was 10 years old) and I'm still not quite there yet, but I don't think letting myself put on that extra 35 pounds I was carrying around 10 years ago just so I can lose it all again and boast of a nice big weight loss is really in my best interest.

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