Saturday, January 13, 2007

My Dog Is High

My dog is generally a mild mannered little guy. He has a marked tendency toward wimpiness that makes him do stupid things like bark at old people walking on the opposite side of the street and, when at the vet, to react in a panic and flip out. The last time I took him to the vet it took five people to hold down the 25-pound mutt so they could clip his claws. I think he drew blood from at least three of them with his scrambling. After they finished and brought him back to me he was his usual high-tailed, perky-eared self and was happy to see the vet when she walked back into the room. She gave me a prescription for a tranquilizer for him for the next time I need to bring him in and told me I should give him a practice dose sometime to see how it effects him.
Now these are real and good tranquilizers made for humans. When I have had occasion to take them I feel the effects in about 10 minutes and am looking for someplace to lie down and take a nap within a half hour (just what I need for air travel). This morning I picked up the dog from the ex's house and noticed he was particularly pungent. (I'm speaking of the dog here, not the ex. He wasn't home.) Since I have a free morning I decided it was a good time to give the doggie a bath, with some pharmaceutical assistance. After several failed attempts at enticement with cheese and dog treats. I finally just put a leash on him, dragged him into the bathroom, picked him up and put him into the tub. He cowered and skittered and tried to evade me, but he never tried to bite me about it. He was fine once he was in the water. I lathered him up, rinsed him off, let him know it was ok to jump out of the tub and then dried him off. Still no noticable signs of tranquilization though. I figured after the bath he'd settle down into his bed and take a nap. Instead he has plowed through a whole dish of dog food (muchies?), bumped into a few walls and doors, jumped up and barked out the windows at every moving object and probably some inanimate ones too. He just came over to get a pat and then shook off again and smacked his head all over the side of my computer. He's walking around wagging his tail for no apparent reason and wiped out at the window when he tried to jump up for barking purposes. Its obvious that the dog is high and yet not at all tranquilized. Maybe I'll need to give him two pills before I take him to the vet next time.

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