Sunday, January 21, 2007

And the Other Reason Is This

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my reasons for going to Weight Watchers, although I don't know if I also mentioned that one of the main reasons I go is because it's something I do with my Dad, who I don't see too often otherwise.
The person I was introduced to at the meeting a couple of weeks ago was actually my Mom's hairdresser. This means she is a person who plays a central role in my mother's life, seeing as how Mom is one of those ladies who goes to the salon every week to get her hair "done". Anyway, when I called my mother last week to catch up she mentioned that the woman made the same comment to her that she made to me-- "Pam doesn't really need to go to Weight Watchers." Mom then proceeded to tell me that the reason that people say that about me is because I have a "thin face" and people really just look at that and make their assessment. It's because they aren't really looking at the rest of me.
Well, I know I would have been well within my rights to call her on that kind of comment right there. You know, stand up for myself and tell her that actually my body isn't all that gigantic and is not freakishly mismatched with my face. (vision of pinhead on balloon body dances though my head) But I know that sometimes Mom talks without thinking and can say things that she would deny actually meaning if her thought process was fully engaged as she spoke. What I did was just let her ramble on about it a bit without reacting and recognized in myself that this is probably why I have such a hang up about my weight to begin with.

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