Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Every Ninja Has Its Day

I walked into my first class this morning and with my superior powers of perception noted that three students were dressed as ninjas. I said, "Okay. I see ninjas. What's with that?" I was promptly informed that today is Ninja Day. (Like, duuuh. God, Sensei, don't you know anything?) And indeed it really is Ninja Day. Next year I'll have to remember to mark the occasion by making origami shuriken in class.


Anonymous said...

Nobody celebrated Ninja Day here in Ibaraki. Didn't even know about it... I guess it is a case of too may trees so you can't see the forrest... _ o s _

I like the pink.

Pam said...

I never knew there were that many ninjas in Ibaraki. Then again, if they're good ninjas, I wouldn't know they were there.
Are you living in Ibaraki now?