Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I just updated to the new Blogger and figured it was time for a new color scheme-- wintry blue. Even though it's not very wintry, this lack of daylight is getting to me. I know it's only a few more days until the turnaround starts and the days start getting longer, but these days see me grumpy and a little paranoid a little more often than necessary. It's frustrating to keep trying and working and still get nowhere. I'm tired of waiting for a stupid piece of paper and I don't really see why it's even relevant or important at this point. All it does is make me feel like I'm not going anywhere and I'm not getting anywhere and I'm working my butt off and trying to maintain a good attitude for no good reason.


Hand said...
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Chosen said...

Perhaps you could try focusing on the areas where you are making progress instead of dwelling on the areas that are lagging? We've made some great strides in the past year, so keep those in mind. The train may not be moving as fast as we'd like, but that's not a bad thing. We know the destination is there and we'll get there when the time is right.

Chosen said...

Also, I like the new colors. I was kind of tired of the pink.

Pam said...

Hmm, I see Hand deleted his/her comment. That's too bad. It was a nice comment and I did indeed light a bunch of candles that evening and turned on the Christmas tree lights too (yes, Channukah and Christmas coexist peacefully side by side blasphemously in my corner of reality.) It did make me feel a little better.
And Chosen, as you know sometimes things get to me. This is one of the places I let them out to frolic so they can stop frolicking in my head.

Craig Harper said...

Hey Pam - Great Blog!

When I get a bit down, this is what I think about:

Who we are, how we are and why we are, is a choice.

We get to choose the type of person we become.

We don't have to be the product of our life-experiences.

We get to choose to be incredible, amazing, inspirational and exceptional human beings DESPITE our life experiences. DESPITE what the world or others have taught us. DESPITE our situation or circumstances.DESPITE our history and DESPITE the expectations of others.

Mother Teresa did.

Martin Luther did.

Nelson Mandela did.

They did exceptional things, they lived exceptional lives, they were exceptional.

By Choice.

Keep up the great writing Pam!

Craig Harper

Pam said...

Thanks for the kind words, Craig (or John@craig?), and thanks for the reminder that we always have the choice of perspective. In fact, I was having a conversation the other day in which I uttered the very words "your attitude is a choice." That's something I remind myself of every day.