Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Happy Halloween!

This has been one of the funnest Halloweens ever. Last night my girl and my nephew went trick or treating and me, my wonderful boyfriend and my sister went along as chaperones. (So yeah, more chaperones than trick or treaters.) A year older now, the kids had more stamina than last year and the extra pavement pounding meant a bigger haul. First thing my girl did when she got home was weigh her pillow case full of candy. She brought home 6.5 pounds. That's 1.5 pounds more than last year. It's also an obscene amount of candy. We'll save out a bunch to be used for lunch box treats and she'll take the rest and hide it in her room, where I will unearth it sometime next spring and toss out what's left since she'll have forgotten about it by then.
Today we went to a wedding! This is a wedding that has been in the works for a long long time and it was so satisfying to see it all go so well. The ceremony was held at Fort McClary midday. The weather was warm (for this time of year) and more or less sunny. Guests were told to dress either in costume or in regular wedding garb. We chose costumes, of course. I was a pirate, fully armed with a cutlass and a flintlock. (I may post a photo if one gets sent my way.) My boyfriend was a monk, Brother Seamus. My girl was a 50s girl in a poodle skirt and bobbysocks. The ceremony was beautiful and I admired how it emphasized their wholeness as individuals who were joining together to share in the fullness of life, not to fill an emptiness. It made me think of how my ex used to say marriage was about joining together to make up for what the other lacked and how that always struck me as so wrong.
Anyway, the bride was beautiful in her strapless satin gown with beaded spider web across the bodice and down the skirt and the groom was handsome in his black morning suit with deep maroon vest and a magnificent, thin and spiky red mohawk (that is his real hair, not a Halloween wig). The whole event was a fun mix of formal and ghouly. I loved how it reflected who they are and was all about fun and celebration and not at all about ostentation and pretension.

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